Optimising the Wok&Go offer

Operations Consultancy

The Brief

The company was looking to double in size, a result achieved in partnership with Seeds Consulting franchise development division, and wanted to make sure they were in a position to increase capacity with their current systems, suppliers and procedures.

Having looked at the figures, sites and met with some of the staff we were able to draw the following conclusions: the areas that needed to be investigated and then recommendations made were, menu pricing and strategy, menu development, product outsourcing, the supply chain, area and senior management training and structures and finally development of a grab & go offer inclusive of a trial in one site.


The operations team at Seeds Consulting delivered on all aspects of the brief:

  • Recommendations were made for a new pricing strategy with a several different options that would give better value to the customers, improve cost of sales and make the whole process in the kitchens much easier whilst improving bottom line profit
  • We looked at what products that were currently being made on site could be bought in gaining better consistency and savings in labour.
  • We recommended tweaks to the existing recipes as we felt these would make the food better received by customers.
  • Recommendations for a new structure for the area managers which would keep some consistency going forward with the expansion plans was offered to management who quickly adopted the plan and made the necessary changes.
  • Significant savings were made by changing to national suppliers who are able to support the company through expansion and cover all areas in the UK. Better pricing was sourced for chemical and packaging suppliers not only saving the company money but also offering a better service. The main food supply was looked at and again we were able to find a supplier who met all the needs of Wok&Go and their expansion plans. Prices were negotiated on their behalf and everything was set up so that all the work was done for them. This new supplier brought huge savings to the business, a better service and consistency to the company.
  • Coaching and training courses were sourced for the operations team.

The savings that were brought to Wok&Go by the Seeds Consulting team were significant and it has given them the tools they need going forward to succeed with their expansion plans. Through hiring Seeds Consulting Wok&Go were able to bring in expertise and knowledge on a temporary basis that will benefit them for the long term at very little cost to the business.