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The Counter
13.09.2017 seeds-consulting

The Counter® are a casual dining restaurant founded in the United States trading in over 40 locations across 8 countries. The concept involves customising your burger with high quality, locally sourced and seasonal ingredients to satisfy all burger lovers.

The Counter® offers a fresh, unconventional approach to creating the ultimate burger, boasting over a million possible burger combinations with a choice from seven proteins, 13 distinct cheeses, 34 signature toppings, 21 unique sauces and 11 types of buns or fresh greens.

The Counter® offers a full-service, casual dining experience in an inviting space with industrial décor and upbeat music. All restaurants feature an environmentally sound design.

Featured in GQ magazine as “One of the 20 Hamburgers to eat before you die” and “Best Burger” on OPRAH®, The Counter® is a pioneer in the upscale, premium burger segment.

The core burger range is complemented by a range of starters, salads and shakes. The Counter® is a casual dining concept trading from 2,000-3,000 sq ft locations.

A fast-casual version of The Counter® called Built® is also available for investment. Built® trades from slightly smaller footprint locations.

Segment: Casual Dining / Fast Casual
Menu: Premium burgers, shakes, starters.
Number of Stores: 40+
International Presence: US, Mexico, Ireland, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia,
Location type: High street, shopping malls, concessions and other non-traditional
Footprint: 2,000-3,000 sq ft (The Counter®), 800-1,200 (Built®)
Usage: A3


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