Transferring Crepeâffaire to Kuwait


The Brief

With Crêpeaffaire we had agreed strict criteria for international franchise partners and the GCC as a priority development area for the brand. The company would selectively look at potential expansion opportunities outside the UK that we would generate either via our own direct relationships or through the company website, managing the process from lead generated to the signature of the area development agreement.


We were successful in creating what is still today a very strong partnership to which the franchisee has brought political clout, strong access to location opportunities and operational experience, whereas the franchisor has delivered on training, operational support and marketing advice. Our contribution has involved the following areas:

  • Vetting the prospective partner according to our specific methodology
  • Facilitating the franchisee’s due diligence on the brand while at the same time protecting the confidentiality associated with our client’s know-how
  • Advising our client on the correct fee structure of the market and issuing a Letter Of Intent containing all the key commercial for the market
  • Creating the area development agreement with our client’s franchise solicitors and issuing it
  • Assisting with the Franchisee’s business plan
  • Assisting with any further discussion taking place before the signature of the area development agreement
  • Issuing the Franchise Manual, at which point the franchisee has been handed over to the Crêpeaffaire operations.

The expansion to Kuwait has proven to be a major step in increasing brand presence in the region and in establishing Crêpeaffaire as a successful international franchisor.