How we scaled Wafflemeister

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The Brief

we have been tasked with developing the Wafflemeister franchise in the UK by identifying qualified franchisees, both multi-site and owner/operators, across the country. We are not even 6 months in the contract and we have already exceeded our 12-month target and signed up a total 16 franchise stores. How did we do that?


The operations team at Seeds Consulting delivered on all aspects of the brief:

Alongside our client’s investment in our recommended advertising and lead generation plan, which benefits from our plurennial experience with franchise marketing, we relied on our presentation skills as we introduced the Wafflemeister concept to a competent audience of multi-site franchisees of major F&B brands that were already in our network. Some of them have won Franchisee of the Year Awards for three consecutive years with their existing franchisors and all of them ran estates of at least 15 units. We also presented to other qualified existing food and retail entrepreneurs matching the brand’s set criteria for franchises.

Because we are F&B specialists, we are able to explain a franchise business opportunity far more effectively than generalist franchise consultants and in compliance with the principles of ethical franchising, thus achieving a high conversion rate. In parallel, we prevent our clients from making investments in franchise or other lead generation media that, based on our experience, do not produce satisfactory returns. As a result we have been able to minimize our client’s investment/per franchise store, which is far lower than the publicised industry average.

We franchise recruitment underway, we are now focusing our efforts on working with Wafflemeister’s retained property agent to source quality sites that would allow franchisees to be off to a great start with the brand.