How we added value to start-up concept Wolf Street Food

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The Brief

Seeds Consulting were approached by the MDs of Wolf Street Food on the verge of them launching their new brand concept in the Chiswick business park. We were asked to help streamline the operations, to help launch the new store and to ensure that the profit margins were in line with forecast. The store had previously suffered high labour and high cost of sales in its previous incarnation.

Wolf were also on the verge of franchising their concept and as such needed to ensure that along with making sure their Chiswick store opening was a success, they needed to prove to any future prospective franchisees that the model worked. They also need to ensure that they had all of the necessary SOPs and compliance in place.


Seeds Consulting successfully helped in the following areas:

  • Calculated the food cost on a menu item by menu item basis to determine a starting point and action for reducing the food cost
  • Sourced new food suppliers and reduced cost of sales by 10%
  • Reduced packaging cost by 15% by going to competitive tender with suppliers
  • Reduce cleaning material cost by 10 % by going to competitive tender with suppliers
  • Reduced labour cost by better analysis of the trading patterns, introducing productivity analysis and improved staff training and procedures
  • Produced the Wolf product bible with all recipes and SOP’s
  • Produced the Wolf Operations Franchise and Training Manuals
  • Assisted with the successful opening of one company store opening and one franchise store opening