About Us

Seeds Consulting is the only foodservice consulting firm structured with 3 separate divisions: investment, real estate and operations consultancy.

Our investment division is in touch with thousands of existing and new F&B investors interesting in acquiring equity or setting up franchise stores, most of them on a multi-site basis. Internationally, we have solid relationships with the main F&B operators in a variety of geographies.

Our real estate division ensures access to property to all our clients and their franchisees. While real estate agencies traditionally focus on shopping malls and high street locations, we also provide access to non-traditional such as motorway services, universities and corporate headquarters, fitting our clients’ market penetration strategy.

Our operations consultancy division hinges on its members’ experience as operations directors for brands like Pizza Express, Tortilla, Bella Italia and Café Rouge. The three main types of project we undertake are:

  • Developing new restaurant concepts
  • Further systemizing existing restaurant businesses
  • Localising foreign restaurant concepts to make them suitable to operate successfully in the UK market

In our experience investment, real estate and operations expertise are the three main ingredients to build a successful national and then international business, however all three elements cannot be found in any other company than Seeds Consulting.