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New Franchisors

A strategic approach to franchising

First check with us if you can and should franchise, and, if so, where and to whom: the franchise model is just one way of scaling your restaurant business and we can help you decide whether it should be part of your overall growth strategy or not.

If franchising is right for you, then we will:

  • Help you formulate a development strategy for it
  • Design its financial, legal and commercial architecture focusing on equitable way of dividing up the profit between franchisor and franchisee
  • Have all legal agreements produced by qualified British Franchise Association solicitors
  • When the franchise offer is ready, drive franchise recruitment in the UK and internationally on your behalf.

The real estate added value

Whether yours is a sheer franchise growth strategy or a balanced mix of equity and franchise stores, our contacts in real estate with landlords, channel operators and agents is considered to be of tremendous value and one of the reasons our clients have chosen us versus other franchise practices. Our contacts include:

  • The shopping centre community
  • Universities
  • Contract caterers
  • Travel retail operators
  • Corporate headquarter facilities
  • Agents specialising in restaurant and leisure property

Check out how we helped Francesca and Maki grow their brand presence in non-traditional locations.

The operational added value

Franchising is all about setting and maintaining the standards. In franchising your business you will rely on 100+ years of high level operational experience in the restaurant industry, something no other franchise consultancy can provide.
Because we specialize in F&B franchising, we will not just produce a franchise manual based on your existing operation, but, should you require it, make that operation more efficient and scalable, something both your equity and franchise stores will benefit from.

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Franchising 2.0

The franchise fast-track.

We have designed and implemented Franchising 2.0 to achieve faster business growth with the franchise model. Our method relies on:

  • Ensuring the franchise investment is appealing to a wide variety of potential investors
  • Focusing on direct approaches to a network of existing food operators as opposed to indiscriminate advertising
  • Ensuring brand reputation within the real estate community and maximizing access to site opportunities
  • Adopting a multi-channel approach involving traditional and non-traditional locations and operators
  • Helping our clients formulate a sensible international development strategy

At Seeds Consulting, only results matter: see how we have benefited companies like Wok&Go and Wafflemeister with our approach.

So if you are thinking about franchising your business, or you think you are not doing it right / to its full potential contact us to schedule a no-obligation call or meeting.


Going global, one step at a time.

Seeds Consulting has developed a network of relationships with established and new restaurant companies worldwide. These are qualified parties that already operate food franchises internationally or have the capability to do so as they have the following features:

  • Existing F&B management team or ability to recruit top human resources for the job
  • Access to prime real estate and experience in location selection
  • Local consumer knowledge to carry out any agreed localization
  • Existing proprietary or third-party supply chain
  • Strong resources
  • Familiarity with the franchise relationship in an F&B context

Investors By Profile

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High Net Worth Individuals

We also rely on a network of F&B franchise specialists in all fast-growing economies, thus we are able to formulate a brand-specific international strategy comprising:

  • Target markets
  • Expansion method(s)
  • Fee Structure
  • Franchisee’s profile and franchise process

All of which enables our client to estimate the ROI potential of any international expansion plans.

Part of our method involves producing strong franchise presentation and information documents, as well as solid legal agreement in cooperation with reputed franchise firms.

We then act as an outsourced business development agency. Unlike generalist franchise consultants, we do not make sheer introductions but we manage the process until the execution of the franchise agreement by both parties leveraging our contacts and expertise in such type of transactions.

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