International Franchising


Going global, one step at a time.

Seeds Consulting has developed a network of relationships with established and new restaurant companies worldwide. These are qualified parties that already operate food franchises internationally or have the capability to do so as they have the following features:

  • Existing F&B management team or ability to recruit top human resources for the job
  • Access to prime real estate and experience in location selection
  • Local consumer knowledge to carry out any agreed localization
  • Existing proprietary or third-party supply chain
  • Strong resources
  • Familiarity with the franchise relationship in an F&B context

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High Net Worth Individuals

We also rely on a network of F&B franchise specialists in all fast-growing economies, thus we are able to formulate a brand-specific international strategy comprising:

  • Target markets
  • Expansion method(s)
  • Fee Structure
  • Franchisee’s profile and franchise process

All of which enables our client to estimate the ROI potential of any international expansion plans.

Part of our method involves producing strong franchise presentation and information documents, as well as solid legal agreement in cooperation with reputed franchise firms.

We then act as an outsourced business development agency. Unlike generalist franchise consultants, we do not make sheer introductions but we manage the process until the execution of the franchise agreement by both parties leveraging our contacts and expertise in such type of transactions.

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