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Operational Advice for Existing Businesses

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Is your existing business under-performing and you are not sure how to make it profitable, do not know where to start and need some professional advice and perhaps strategic and operational support? Is your plan to attract investment or franchise, but you think your bottom line profit could be more attractive to a potential investor or franchisee?

As part of the Seeds Consulting Business Health Check we will review all areas of your business from your current financial situation, your margins and supply chain, wastage, staffing and labour cost, compliance, food quality, service quality, merchandising, marketing, store layout, operational efficiencies etc. this list is by no means exhaustive.

We will then issue you with an insightful and helpful report on your business detailing the way in which you might improve its performance, leaving the decision up to you as to whether or not you make the changes yourself or whether you engage us to help transform your business. Our business solutions and advice are based on our findings and are tailor-made for every individual business.

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Services for existing businesses:

  • Operations support
  • HR systems and implementation
  • Recruitment assistance
  • Staff training
  • HR strategy and policy
  • Operations manual production
  • Product placement and merchandising
  • Menu development
  • Product manual production
  • Health and safety compliance
  • Food safety compliance
  • Margin improvement
  • Supply chain management
  • Labour cost improvement
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Social media marketing

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