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Big Chefs is a Mediterranean brasserie concept founded by entrepreneur Gamze Cizreli in Ankara in 2007 and currently operating 54 branches in prominent locations in Turkey, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Iran and Iraq.

Gamze Cizreli has been an inspiration for many female entrepreneurs in Turkey and beyond. Her creature, Big Chefs, is one of the most successful and fast-growing restaurant concept in Turkey (46 branches in the country as of June 2018).  The secret of her success is passion and determination: Big Chefs celebrates her love for food and focus on the human element of food production. This allows Big Chefs to offer authentic Turkish cuisine and Western signature dishes in its now unique style.

Big Chefs restaurants also feature a similar degree on craftsmanship in their interior design, which is a blend of Eastern and Western styles in its materials, fixtures and furniture. Wooden dominated décor, book shelves, fireplace, red shades, wrought iron objects and carpet details are all a reflection of the naturalness of its core.

The result in terms of customer experience is memorable. This is achieved through a strong operation that ensures the highest standards are met in customer service, product consistency and presentation, cleanliness and general organisation.


Big Chefs is looking for partners that share the same ethos and with the appetite, ability and resources to develop the brand in key markets worldwide.

Big Chefs offers an area development opportunity for a minimum of 10 years for a minimum amount of stores, to be discussed on a case by case basis.

In addition to extensive training and support, Big Chefs offer its franchise partners a fully localised menu created in its development kitchen facilities and support with local supply chain to ensure its menu fits the local consumer in each market. In addition to the initial support, Big Chefs is also renewing the menu twice a year to bring in new dishes and seasonal specials.

Segment: Casual Dining 2.0
Menu: Kebap, Pizza, Pasta, Burgers, Sandwiches, Salads, Turkish Breakfast, Desserts, Hot Drinks.
Number of Stores: 54
International Presence: Turkey, UAE, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Iraq.
Location type: high street, shopping malls, office blocks, airports
Footprint: 2,000 – 4,000 sq ft
Usage: A3

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