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La Croissanterie
22.09.2023 seeds-consulting

La Croissanterie is known as ‘The Happy Sandwich Shop’ and is an historical French actor of on-the-go restaurant sector. With over 275 sites, their great food and diverse menu is accessible to all. Their slogan says it all in just three words: sweet, savoury, smile! The restaurants have options for every occasion, be it breakfast, lunch, or dinner with an expansive menu including pastries, warm meals, or an assortment of desserts.

The brand has solidified its presence in the travel retail market, with 52% of consumers spontaneously mentioning La Croissanterie. The brand has also been awarded best chain of sandwiches in France four times, which is not surprising given the reputation for quick service, great pricing, freshly made food, and overall customer satisfaction (85% approval rate).

As a part of the Delineo group, franchisees have access to over 45 years of successful franchise experience, given their extensive network of over 300 restaurants serving over 100,000 customers a day. Their proven business model is suited to various formats and location types, as one of the main strengths of their brand concepts is the simplicity to be duplicated on a multi-format basis. From 12m to 200m squared, Delineo brands can satisfy any development project from a small food-court kiosk to a large restaurant. In addition, no extraction system is needed.

A strong support package is guaranteed to all franchisees from the start. Fit-out support, POS implementation, and an opening team will be available to begin the franchise journey, followed by an ongoing support including the supply chain, training, operational advice, and on-site visits. If you are interested to know more, please enquire below.

Segment: Traditional French On-The-Go

Menu: Sandwiches, Pastries, Coffees
Number of Stores: 275+
International Presence: France and International
Location type: High street, food and market halls
Footprint: from 12m sq
Extraction: Not required

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