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Santa Nata
10.12.2020 seeds-consulting

Santa Nata only serves authentic and delicious Pastéis de Nata, made fresh throughout the day, every day, by our master pastry chefs.

The story of the original Pastel de Nata dates back to before the 18th century, where they were created by monks at the Jerónimos Monastery in the parish of Santa Maria de Belém in Lisbon.

Santa Nata is rooted in this tradition, being run by a Lisbon-based family business that has been making the highest quality Pasteis for 3 generations.

Santa Nata operates in a variety of formats, from production stores of around 500 sq ft (45 sq m) with limited seating to smaller kiosk and carts in premium food and retail schemes and outlet villages in the United Kingdom and Saudi Arabia.

Santa Nata is a simple concept that can be easily taught to anyone with basic bakery skills. Once you are given the secret recipe and trained by Santa Nata to master the technique, you are half way through success: thanks to a single-digit cost of sales percentage, small locations and low operating costs, Santa Nata is proven to deliver spectacular returns in its own corporate and franchise locations.

Due to the success of its current formula, Santa Nata is embarking on a journey to take the brand to 25+ UK locations over the next 3 years mainly via franchising and expand in selected regions overseas in partnership with qualified multi-unit franchisees interested in operating the brand in a territory or within an existing hospitality or retail estate.

Segment: Quick-service
Menu: Pastel de Nata, coffees, Port wine (optional)
Number of Stores: 4
International Presence: Portugal, United Kingdom, Saudi Arabia
Location type: prime shopping and leisure schemes, designer outlets, food markets
Footprint: 50 -600 sq ft (5-50 sq m)
Usage: A1/A3

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