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Snowflake Luxury Gelato is the leading UK brand in the gelato space, operating from prime real estate with a unique, artisan-made product range and design, multiple store formats and supported by strong marketing and management. Snowflake’s unique positioning in the dessert market and strong track-record make it an extremely attractive franchise investment for qualified UK and international parties.

More Than Just Cups and Cones

Snowflake Luxury Gelato is lovingly made by hand every day, using organic Jersey milk from the happiest cows in Somerset, organic cream and sugar. Only fresh, authentic ingredients are used to infuse intense and luxurious flavours into every scoop of Snowflake gelato.

In fact Snowflake has created a one-of-a-kind product range using the talent of gelato chef Silvia Gaetta: her creations, such as the Avo-Lato (40 million views) and the Millionaire’s soft-serve, invariably generate tremendous PR following.

The Snowflake gelato and sorbetto range is complemented by premium shakes and sundaes, freshly-baked crepes and waffles and hot drinks, providing the opportunity for a delicious feast at any time of day.

A Unique Positioning

Snowflake is the only operator in the premium gelato space, which has allowed the brand to operate from the most sought-after real estate in the UK, also thanks to the goodwill generated within the real estate community.

Why Invest In Snowflake

Mainly because of its successful track-record and the access to prime real estate opportunities that this brand has achieved. Supported by a central product unit, franchisees will not need to have a high skill set at store level as the product comes in finished or semi-finished from Snowflake’s central gelato making facility. Combined with excellent margins, this translates in robust store profitability.

Snowflake’s organisation is experienced in franchising and it has developed strong training and ongoing support programmes delivered by top industry talent to ensure franchisees can repeat the same success of company stores … or even exceed it.

Segment: Quick Service
Menu: Premium gelato and sorbetto, affogato,sundaes, shakes, hot chocolate, crepes, waffles, coffee, afternoon tea.
Number of Stores: 9
International Presence: Spain
Location type: Shopping malls,, leisure destinations, high streets
Footprint: 200 – 1,000 sq ft
Usage: A1

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