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01.06.2024 seeds-consulting

After a life-changing trip to Korea, and one magical night in Seoul enjoying delicious Korean comfort food and refreshing soju in a tucked away bar, four friends were inspired to create their own space to celebrate their Asian heritage and cultural roots in their European home, The Netherlands. In June 2021, Sojubar Rotterdam was born, offering authentic Korean dishes and a variety of soju drinks.

As the success spread, the brand grew, and Sojubar now has five venues in The Netherlands and one in Belgium, with several others about to open (the brand is exploding!). The founders view Sojubar as a bridge between cultures, bringing people together through good food and company, and where cultural diversity is celebrated.


The signature combination that defines Sojubar is Korean fried chicken, beer, and soju. After much hard work and experimentation, the brand has honed their craft to develop the perfect balance in their dishes. Available in nine mouthwatering flavours – such as Garlic Soy and Cilantro Lime – the fried chicken is always crispy on the outside, juicy inside, and seasoned to the bone. Other offerings include Mama’s kimchi, a range of bibimbap combinations, and classic bingsu dessert. All of these can be partnered with an extensive selection of soju flavours and beers.

The popularity of Korean cuisine has never been higher, due in part to the wider market demand for more culturally diverse dining experiences, but also specifically because of growing interest in Korean culture. The influences of Korean pop, dramas, and fashion have all naturally led to curiosity about Korean food, and thus a greater appreciation for the unique, fresh flavours of these dishes.

Another factor that Sojubar has capitalised on is the rise of social media. Not only are their dishes visually appealing, but the restaurants are also designed to be incredibly ‘Instagrammable’ through the use of trendy urban design and top-quality materials. Stylish steel work, glowing neon lights, and vibrant plants all add to the cool aesthetic, while entertainment areas with karaoke and beer pong create a lively ambience. The whole customer experience is designed to be memorable and is sure to generate a lot of FOMO online!

Beyond the incredible food and beverage offerings and sleek designs, Sojubar is a smart concept with excellent operational prowess. Their products are all high-margin, either due to the initial affordable costs of items (chicken and seasonings), the economies of scale in bulk buying (beer and soju), or versatility (soju also being used in cocktails). Processes in the kitchen are kept fast and simple, allowing for quick staff training and product output, without the need to compromise on quality, or for specialised chefs. The supply chain has been fully optimised by the parent company, Maden Group, which efficiently manages transportation, warehousing, and distribution.

The perfect Sojubar location is a lively, urban high-traffic area, accessible for both locals and tourists, with a diverse population of food enthusiasts, young professionals, and students. Big city high streets, university towns, and transport hubs are all excellent options. A Sojubar should feature a stylish bar, spacious seating area, room for entertainment, and ideally an outdoor space such as a terrace or beer garden.

This growing brand is excited to grow even further around the world and is seeking to continue its journey through franchising. In addition to sharing in a cultural phenomenon on a mission to share delicious food, incredible culture, and diversity, franchisees also benefit from Sojubar’s operational know-how, technological solutions, and marketing expertise. If you are interested in becoming a part of this dynamic, expanding brand, register your interest with us below for more details.

Segment: Quick-service, Korean food franchise
Menu: Fried chicken, kimchi, bibimbap, beer, soju
Number of Stores: 6
International Presence: The Netherlands, Belgium
Location type: City high streets, university towns, shopping malls
Footprint: typically 1,600 to 3,200 sq ft (150 to 300 sq m)

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