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Tiny Cloud Kitchens
21.10.2020 seeds-consulting

Every day twelve Tiny Cloud Kitchens fire up across London, looking to disrupt the underserved premium Asian takeaway market while dishing out healthy and tasty freshly prepared meals delivered fast. With scaleable menus, industry leading technology and irresistibly delicious dishes Tiny Cloud Kitchens are spearheading a movement to activate underperforming kitchens and utilise tiny spaces to build extra sales in the UK’s most desirable locations. This is what the future of food franchising looks like.

The Opportunity

Food delivery has become even more essential as people have adopted new habits surrounding dining at restaurants and eating in general. After the pandemic subsides there will continue to be an increased demand for restaurant quality food delivery.

Tiny Cloud Kitchens enables existing food operators to move into the delivery-first era without incurring large costs by accessing existing kitchens and pairing them with proven brands that utilise what they already have.
Food operators get the technology platform and diverse menu offering that allows them to reach the broad and growing online delivery market.
Now is the time to reach the growing market of potential customers looking locally for trusted food delivery options, making back sales lost during the pandemic. There are two ways you can do that with Tiny Cloud Kitchens:

Option 1
Become a multi-brand restaurant, hotel, pub or leisure venue: operate additional restaurant brands from your existing kitchen boosting turnover and profits

Option 2
Operate as a cloud kitchen: achieve strong sales and low operating costs for a great return on your investment

Tiny Cloud Kitchens Provides The Ingredients…

  • Proprietary Recipes
  • Full Supply Chain
  • Proven and De-skilled Delivery Brands
  • Delivery Software
  • Operational Model
  • Launch Training & Marketing
  • Ongoing Support
  • Website & Social Media

… And A Proven Model

  • Tested multi-brand delivery model
  • Supported by global food trends
  • Powered by sophisticated technology
  • Industry leading gross margin and labour
  • Moderate to no property cost
  • No setup delays or unforeseen costs
  • Low upfront investment

Segment: Virtual Restaurant Brands, Cloud Kitchens
Menu: Phikul – Pan-Asian, Sanka –  South-Indian, Burritochino – Asian Burritos, Scratch Chicken – Asian Fried Chicken, Daddy’s Dim Sum.
Number of Stores: 12
International Presence: N/A
Location type: existing restaurants, pubs and hotels (as bolt on brands) or cloud kitchen sites
Footprint: 250 – 700 sq ft depending on number of brands operated
Usage: A3

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