The Vegan Junk Food Bar

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The Vegan Junk Food Bar
22.04.2021 seeds-consulting

Vegan Junk Food Bar is an award-winning concept that’s on a mission to create a positive planet friendly impact on animal, environmental and human welfare.

From the growing urge to create a place where vegans and non-vegans could enjoy Vegan Junk Food together, the first VJFB opened up in 2017 in Amsterdam. This was rapidly followed up by six (and counting) additional VJFB restaurants throughout the Netherlands, Spain and Germany.

In a short amount of time their futuristic Junk Food got noticed, both online and offline. Only one year later VJFB became the proud winner of two Vegan Awards.

VJFB serves sustainable Junk Food in an easily accessible and enjoyable way. It serves tasty, mouth-watering Vegan Junk Food, without compromising on quality, taste and texture.

Innovation is in its DNA, from its colourful signature flashy VJFBurgers, Freak Fries and Zeafood to its extraordinary cocktails.

VJFB chooses to focus on quality and experience, giving every branch its own unique atmosphere. Its signature interiors are an edgy blend of colourful street-art with a hint of chic. Every month the VJFB music curator selects R&B and hip hop tunes that rock you into its unique urban metropolitan laid back vibe and will make you want to come back for more.

Come join its #vegantakeover and be surrounded by a vibrant culture and genuine hospitality brought to you by a team on a mission to tickle your senses!


The Franchise Opportunity

On the back of its successful corporate operation, VJFB is looking to grow its business in the UK and internationally in partnership with qualified franchise partners. VJFB’s integrates supply lines, well documented processes, support infrastructure, effective marketing approach and differentiating offer make it an ideal franchise to join and scale.

Segment: Fast-casual, casual dining
Menu: VJFBurgers, wings, ribs, meatballs; freak fries, mac’n’cheese, Zeafood, cocktails, juices, ice cream.
Number of Stores: 6
International Presence: Spain, Germany
Location type: High street, shopping centres, concessions
Footprint: 450-900 sq ft (40-80 sqm) for limited service restaurants, 1,600-2,600 sq ft (150-250 sqm) for full service restaurants
Usage: A3

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