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30.10.2023 seeds-consulting

Having found success with their first venue The Laundrette in 2013, entrepreneurs Patrick Hall and Jon Charles were inspired to open a second venue as a secret bar concept after a research trip to New York. Launched in 2015, The Washhouse is now Manchester’s number one bar on TripAdvisor, earning fame for its secret entrance and illustrious list of creative cocktails.


Presenting as a regular Laundrette, the Washhouse’s dryer and vending machine conceal entrances to a speakeasy with an eclectic cocktail menu designed to give customers a new and unforgettable experience. The staff are top tier, guiding customers through their journey with extensive knowledge of the cocktails and offering tailored recommendations. Within the bar are even more secret areas, from private hire rooms to a hidden slide and bathrooms equipped with disco balls and music.

The success of this concept has been entirely organic, as the brand does not use PR or marketing strategies, instead depending on the intrigue and mystery of the concept to build their social media following. Not only do franchisees benefit from lower marketing costs compared to similar brands in the market, running costs and building costs are also relatively low. For example, as the venues only take on bookings, security costs are lower than other nightlife venues, with the reduced lighting and simple but sophisticated designs further reducing the costs. By the nature of the brand, Washhouse venues can be set up off the high street in secondary locations such as basements or side-streets, so the property costs are also kept low. In addition, a drinks-only menu with high margin products means that franchisees can expect to see exceptional profits and ROI.

The Washhouse is actively looking for experienced franchisees capable of expanding into large metropolitan areas with vibrant Food & Beverage scenes. A minimum site size of approximately 450 sq.m, or space for 150 covers, with multiple front of house rooms would be an ideal venue. If you are interested in joining a franchise that offers customers cocktail expertise with a fun and creative experience, get in touch with us to learn more.

Segment: Secret bar, cocktail bar
Menu: Cocktails
Number of Stores: 1
International Presence: UK
Location type: Urban nightlife areas

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