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08.08.2016 lss-seeds

Zabardast presents a powerful fusion, hub and spoke concept, where daily cooked healthy Indian staple foods, such as tikka, kofta, and paneer, are laced with homemade sauces and wrapped and toasted in breads, fully customised by the consumer.

The entire experience focusses on colours, tastes and textures of some of the highest calibre north Indian food available in the marketplace today, staged in the simple and clean format of a wrap.

By veering away from the traditional subcontinental experience, Zabardast, simply meaning ‘awesome’, is now widely known for its consistency, its clean, modish aesthetic, its well trained customer-orientated staff, and its core brand values, not to mention the calibre of the food itself. However, where other brands have failed to provide anything extraordinary to the wrap table, Zabardast has grown through focussing on its core values – healthy, highly attractive food, served quickly, with a smile.

Zabardast’s exponential growth in the last year can be put down to the love every stakeholder has, from the owners, to the staff, to social media influencers, to critics, to potential investors, in the product itself and in the wider brand. Having started with one unit in Waterloo in 2013, Zabardast now offers Indian wraps either online or in-store by East  Croydon, Waterloo, Clerkenwell, Canary Wharf, Centrale Croydon and Bluewater Shopping Centre.

Zabardast is rightfully proud of the dots that are joined each time a customer tries one of its wraps, be it an association with Indian food and professionalism, or with consistency, or simply with calibre, and continues its journey to provide a greater platform for the confidence the market has in a truly millennial Indian offering.

Segment: Quick-Service
Menu: Indian Wraps, Byriani, Salads, Hot & Cold Drinks
Number of Stores: 7
International Presence: N/A
Location type: Office blocks, shopping malls, concessions and other non-traditional
Footprint: 450 – 1,200 sq ft
Usage: A1

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