I am Döner has opened their first UK Franchise store in Liverpool

I am Döner has opened their first UK Franchise store in Liverpool
07.12.2022 seeds-consulting

London, 6th December 2022. I am Döner, the award-winning better kebab brand backed by Think Hospitality, has today opened their first UK franchise store in Liverpool, in partnership with Optimum Group, the company behind that operates 27 franchise locations of Costa Coffee and Kaspa’s in Merseyside. A multi-site franchise deal supported by Seeds Consulting.

Opening in Bootle, the 1,200 sq. ft Stanley Road site will be the innovative brand’s fifth outlet and is the brainchild of chef Paul Baron, who was inspired to make the döner kebab ‘more than just a guilty pleasure’.

I am Doner Chairman, James Hacon said “This is an exciting part of our evolution as a brand, being our first dine in store, featuring enhanced design and fit-out, led by Natalie Waldron Design and the latest digital ordering technologies in partnership with Vita Mojo.

We are looking forward to opening further stores in Merseyside in partnership with Optimum Group next year alongside many other openings planned with partners across the UK and Middle East. Interest from potential franchisees has been phenomenal, especially from experienced multi-brand operators, we are confident next year will be a transformational year of accelerated growth for our business.”

Optimum Group, CEO Dave Connor said: “We just knew from the start that we had to bring this brand to Liverpool. I am Döner offers something that is truly different and it’s a concept that we’ve never seen before in the city, so we’re keen to showcase just what it has to offer.

Although the main USP of I am Döner is a gourmet spin on the traditional kebab that we all know and love, this brand has built a reputation for its ability to constantly evolve and adapt, whether that’s by highlighting product seasonality in its menu, implementing changes in technology to impact its pre-order process, or offering good value for money when people need it most.



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I am Döner was started in 2016 by Chef Paul Baron and is now also backed by Think Hospitality.  Paul started a revolution from our little takeaway shop in Headingley in 2016 inspired by a trip he had to Berlin. He want to make the Döner kebab more than a guilty pleasure for the intoxicated! We now have four stores in the UK – Headingley, Harrogate, Leeds City Centre and Liverpool Bootle.

Traditionally you think a kebab as a bit of doner meat on pitta bread with some iceberg lettuce, but we are no stereotypical kebab shop! We use a total of 120 ingredients in the six kebabs we make. We have ten items of salad, feta cheese, homemade bread, homemade sauces and the highest quality meats. Because of this we attract a good bunch of sober people and have a very strong lunchtime offering as well as the evening trade.

For further information:

Lynsey Benton
Brand & Franchise Manager – I am Döner

T:+44(0) 7866 743801
E: lynseybenton@iamdoner.co.uk


Liam Woolrich
Marketing Manager – Seeds Consulting
T:+44(0)7593 390819
E: liam@seeds-consulting.co.uk


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