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Proven Track Record: Seeds Consulting has a proven track record of working with successful restaurant franchises and many popular brands. By partnering with us, we can help you achieve your business goals.

Brand Recognition: Many of the restaurant franchises that Seeds Consulting works with have built up strong brand recognition over many years, and this can translate into a significant competitive advantage for you as a franchisee.

Minimised Risk: Investing in a franchise with Seeds Consulting can help you minimise risk and maximise your potential for success. With our well-established brands, a proven business models, you can avoid many of the common pitfalls associated with starting a new business.


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Browse the latest equity and franchise investment opportunities. From quick-service to casual dining, we cover a wide spectrum of start up, emerging or established food businesses seeking qualified partners for the UK or internationally.

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Is A Food Franchise For Right For You?

A “turn-key” solution

One of the biggest appeals of a food franchise is the fact that they are “turn-key” operations. This means issues such as the kitchen layout, dining room design, menu and even right down to the marketing materials and campaigns are all done for you. This sort of support is also the reason there is a requirement for a much larger initial investment than simply going it alone. The upshot is you simply don’t have to work at building up name recognition and brand positioning because it is part of what you are buying.

Another consideration when investing in a food franchise is understanding and adhering to the rules the brand owners impose on the business. For the franchisor, the key thing is consistency. Customers visiting a food business with a particular name over the door will expect precisely the same service, food and surroundings, regardless of whether they are in London or Glasgow. In order to maintain this consistency food franchises come complete with a large book of rules and guidelines. These will outline the do’s and don’ts of owning the franchise. When an agreement has been made to buy a food franchise, the buyer is also agreeing to adhere to all the specific rules of the business.

Have you got what it takes?

So if you are now actively seeking a food franchise to invest in, what next? Well, the most important thing to do is carry out some research. As part of this investigation, you will also need to examine yourself, think about your characteristics and your skill set. Do you possess the attributes that make a successful franchisee?

One characteristic that many franchisors will look out for is passion. Franchisees need passion about their investment into the brand and the motivation to make it successful . Starting up a food franchise business from scratch is quite an undertaking. There will be hard work and long hours to get the business up to speed and making a profit. Good franchisors want to feel reassured that the people that are investing into a franchise share the same passion for driving the business forward even when the going gets rough.

Passion and motivation

The franchisor wants systems orientated people who have that all-important partnership mentality. The brand owners will have spent time, money and considerable effort developing, refining and extensively testing their business systems. They will not want to work with individuals who want to “reinvent the wheel”. Nevertheless, a good franchisor will certainly have processes in place to harness and reward good ideas coming from their network. Franchising is about franchisor and franchisee working hard in unison to drive the business forward.

While it may sound odd, a good franchisee must understand franchising. They must understand they are part of something bigger than just themselves and their part of the business. Together with a head office, there are normally other franchisees involved. Some of these will certainly be more established, and others new entrants. Good franchisees will not be afraid to ask questions and seek advice from their more experienced peers. The sharing of knowledge and ideas is of vital importance for the good of the brand as a whole.

Being in a position to invest in a franchise is an exciting proposition. Done well will it can achieve great results for the franchisee and franchisor alike, a truly symbiotic relationship.

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