Crêpeaffaire is targeting up to 350 sites as part of their national and international rollout.

Crêpeaffaire is targeting up to 350 sites as part of their national and international rollout.
12.01.2024 seeds-consulting

Crêpeaffaire is targeting up to 350 sites within the next 5 years, including 100 in the UK as the brand continues its national and international rollout.

The crêpe specialist currently operates 18 sites in the UK, predominantly in London, across its two brands: Crêpeaffaire and Crêpe and Roll, the latter being a smaller format, concessions-oriented concept.

It also has a presence in the Netherlands, Kuwait, and Saudi Arabia and plans to launch in Texas with a franchise partner within the next 6 to 12 months, with the US serving as a key market in its growth strategy.

‘International growth will most likely outpace the UK’ founder Daniel Spinath says. ‘But within the UK, we believe there’s potential for 100 units under the Crêpeaffaire brand.’

‘Crêpeaffaire was born in London and we have a strong brand equity to build on.’

While most stores in the UK are company owned, the business is looking for franchise partners to expand beyond its home base of the Southeast.

The target is major cities across the UK, with an eye on Liverpool, Manchester, and the ‘buoyant market’ in Scotland, albeit suburbs are also a priority.

‘Post-Covid, suburbs have become more important,’ Spinath adds, ‘It’s not only cities where we’ve seen a rise in awareness for crêpes.’

‘The category has been growing over the years… crêpes are seen as not only a sweet treat but a meal solution. They have a presence not only in restaurants but also retail, across the spectrum from low end to high end.’

The Crêpeaffaire concept caters to larger spaces and longer dwell times, while the lower Capex Crêpe and Roll can operate in 300-500 sq ft spaces and will target travel hubs and leisure units.

The latter launched in 2022 and currently has three sites – Primark Kingston, London’s Hippodrome Casino, and Gravity Wandsworth. It will soon launch in cinemas in the Middle East.

It is also designed to suit to takeaway and delivery, with sharing boxes on offer, while the product is centrally produced and frozen.

‘The product can be regenerated very easily at the point of service. It’s fast turnaround, limited seating, if any, can be manned by one or two people, and easy to manage but top quality.’

‘We see these two concepts to work in parallel.’

The Crêpe and Roll expansion strategy will ‘very much depend on the right type of partner,’ according to Spinath, although the business is working with a number of foodservice organisations to introduce a branded crêpe range in their outlets.

‘Our product is seen as an affordable luxury. That positioning is important,’ he adds. ‘We have held up well through the slowdown. We’ve had a good start to the year.’

The brand has introduced combos to add accesibility and promote its value proposition, while its fair-trade organic coffee offer is playing a major role.

‘We see coffee as a frequency driver. We have a strong repeat customer so we need to push harder… we’re seeing more of a young crowd coming for coffee-based products.’

In terms of food trends, the business has seen growing popularity in its plant-based items, but also in indulgence at the same time.

‘It’s funny because everyone is talking about healthy eating, but if people want to indulge, they’ll indulge.’

’The indulgence business has grown, but more and more people are coming back for savoury crêpes, so we’re getting a stronghold in a new market.’

The business will leverage the flexibility of its formats and the growing demand for crêpes as it expands, with India, South Korea, and Singapore also on the target list as it expands its presence in European markets.

’There’s an international market.Lots of cultures already have some kind of awareness of the pancake category.

‘We believe the opportunity is big and see clear potential worldwide for 300-350 stores in the next five years.’


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