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Founded by two childhood friends, Cristiano Sereni and Paolo Benassi, Amorino was launched in 2002 and opened its first store in the heart of Paris on the Ile Saint-Louis. With a love for the enchanting world of fine Italian Gelato, the duo began a mission to share their recipes with Parisians and tourists alike. The venture quickly found success, and through passion, quality, and consistency, by 2006 the franchise network had grown across France. In France alone, Amorino now operates from over 90 sites and shows no signs of slowing down. The first international site opened in 2008, in Barcelona, and expansion has since continued to New York, London, and Milan. In total, as of 2022, there are more than 200 Amorino sites worldwide across 16 countries.

Amorino is distinct from other Gelato brands due to their commitment to creating the best quality products as naturally as possible, with no artificial colours or flavourings, and emphasising environmentally conscious methods of production. Currently the brand has over 36 flavours of gelati & sorbets – ranging across Bourbon Vanillia, Cheesecake, Pistachio, Bergamot and more – all made from selected organic ingredients: organic eggs and farm-fresh milk. In 2016, Amorino earned the Vegan Society’s seal of approval for its entire range of sorbets, and later that year was awarded the Quality Charter for Artisanal Ice Creams of France by the CNGF (Confédération National de Glacier de France). In addition, many organic flavours are ECOCERT certified and gluten-free.

Not only is Amorino environmentally conscious, but the Gelato is served up as a true artisanal treat, earning significant recognition across social media. Using a spatula, the gelati are shaped like a rose, creating a distinctive, beautiful treat that is instantly recognisable. Customers can combine flavours to include as many petals on their flower as they choose, with the option of adding a delicious Gelato-filled macaron as a finishing touch to their masterpiece. The menu also includes crêpes, waffles, waffle sticks and gelato cakes – all featuring a range of gourmet options to choose from – as well as an extensive selection of hot and cold drinks.

Amorino franchisees benefit from a number of key advantages.

Most notably, the brand does not charge royalty fees for their franchisees.

As the Gelato is produced directly, with a well-integrated supply chain, a franchisee also has the opportunity to develop fantastic profit margins and save on labour costs.

Furthermore, continued support through global marketing schemes, recipe development, and ongoing training means that franchisees will always have help available to them.

Each Amorino location is selected using the latest location intelligence technology, reducing risks with site selection.

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Segment: Quick-service, coffee shops, desserts shops
Menu: Gelato, Sorbet, Waffles, Crêpes
Number of Stores: Over 200 worldwide
Location Type:High traffic urban or tourist areas, shopping malls, concessions and other non-traditional locations.
Extraction: not required.

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