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13.03.2021 seeds-consulting

Bubblewrap Waffle launched in March 2017 in London Soho and it instantly became a viral success: initial Facebook videos created by Time Out & Buzzfeed amount to 33 million views, 211k shares and 188k likes alone with the former being the highest performing Time Out London Facebook video in history. This viral mania alongside the unique ingredients lead to queues that still line the streets of Chinatown and an explosion in the “Bubble Waffle” dessert trend.

Our Business Concept

In the early 1950s, egg waffles or bubble waffles first appeared on the streets of Hong Kong.

Stall holders created an egg-shaped iron machine and blended broken eggs with milk and flour to create a batter for the delicious waffles. It then became a popular street dessert for all ages.

This product is versatile, appeals to a wide demographic and and it is visually impressive. It has excellent intrinsic economics and it can be operated from small locations without the need for extraction or other heavy kitchen infrastructure.

The reason why Bubblewrap Waffle is so popular is also because of our special batter recipe, which gives every treat from Bubblewrap Waffle its unmistakable taste.

The Bubblewrap Business Model

The Bubblewrap food franchise allows operators to benefit from a business model that is proven to deliver extremely attractive returns on the investment in its existing locations.

A typical Bubblewrap store is an eat in, take away and delivery unit of no more than 700 sq ft (65 sq m) located in a busy high street, or a kiosk of not more than 300 sq ft (27 sq m) in a regional shopping mall. The Bubblewrap system is suited to high traffic, with the business historically achieving more than 1,000 transactions per day.

In the UK, Bubblewrap wants to grow to 25+ unit in the next 5 years, via franchise partnerships with qualified new and existing operators.

Internationally, Bubblewrap has earmarked Central – Western Europe and the Middle East as priorities for expansion.

Segment: Quick-service
Menu: Bubble waffles, coffee
Number of Stores: 3
International Presence: Qatar
Location type: prime shopping and leisure schemes, designer outlets, food markets
Footprint: 300 -700 sq ft (27-65 sq m)
Extraction: not required

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