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06.10.2023 seeds-consulting

Zócalo has a simple food philosophy: Fresh Happy Mex. This quick service brand serves up delicious and healthy Mexican food made with carefully selected ingredients for all to enjoy. The menu is inspired by the traditional taquerias and street food vendors of the Mission District in San Francisco, where traditional Mexican cuisine meets fresh Californian food culture. Since launching in 2002, Zócolo has expanded to include 27 restaurants across 4 countries and has won numerous awards in the fast-food industry.

Zócalo expertly combines simplicity with versatility, with a menu focused on burritos, tacos, bowls, and quesadillas that guests can feel great about eating. There is something for everyone, as each of the key menu items have a variety of meat and vegetarian offerings, the latter of which can even be adapted to be completely vegan by substituting any dairy-based sauces to plant-based sauces.

Zócalo believes in using simple processes for both customers and staff, aided by the latest technology to keep operations quick and efficient, and to create a relaxed and enjoyable experience for everyone. From the handy Zócalo app to quick and easy self-service kiosks, ordering is streamlined to allow guests to take their time, while collection from the kitchen window also minimises waiting staff costs. Useful technology is also available for back of house training and kitchen efficiency, marking Zócalo as a leading brand in embracing these developments in the industry.

The brand’s operational simplicity allows for Zócalo to offer catering events to even large events of hundreds of people while still maintaining a calm atmosphere. In addition, the business model has the advantage of working successfully from a range of formats, from food court kiosks to bigger restaurants in city centres. Zócalo restaurants currently range from 12–25 square metres in size, with between 4–150 seats.

Zócalo offers extensive support to their franchisees. From start-up assistance – including location scouting, design, and fit-out – to a comprehensive 4-week training program which explains every aspect of the brand operations, franchisees will feel confident and comfortable before opening with a tailored local marketing campaign. This support system is on-going, with e-learning resources available for employee training, operational reviews to improve the restaurant experience, and regular conferences with fellow franchisees to discuss future development.

The ideal Zócalo franchisee must have a passion for great food, excellent customer service, and the restaurant concept itself. As Zócalo provides all of the necessary training, previous restaurant experience is not strictly required, but becoming a franchisee must be considered as a long-term investment so commitment to the business model is essential.

A number of franchising options are available, as Zócalo is currently looking for developers ranging from single- and multi-unit franchisees, to area developers in cities and master franchisees for entire countries. To learn more about this exciting brand and the incredible franchising opportunities, contact us below.

Segment: Mexican fast food restaurant
Menu: Burritos, Tacos, Quesadillas, Nachos, Bowls
Number of Stores: 27
International Presence: UK, Sweden, Iceland, Denmark
Location type: High streets, tourist areas, food courts, shopping malls
Footprint: 130 sq feet (12 sq meters) to 2,500 sq ft (230 sq meters)

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