Vegan Junk Food Bar Re-opens Iconic Stores!

Vegan Junk Food Bar Re-opens Iconic Stores!
27.04.2023 seeds-consulting

London – April, 2023

Innovative vegan brand Vegan Junk Food Bar is continuing its #vegantakeover with the re-opening of two of its artful Amsterdam stores. VJFB2D™ and VJFB™ Eastside are set to open their doors once again under new franchise management. These are exciting times for the brand, as a second store in Barcelona is due to open in June and a branch in North Holland is also in early development.

VJFB2D™ was the first site to open when the brand debuted in 2017. Customers will feel as if they have stepped into a comic book, with the two-dimensional black and white interior décor contrasting with the vibrant dishes. Located at Staringplein 22 in Amsterdam near the beautiful Vondelpark, VJFB2D™ offers a unique dining experience and the is the perfect place to explore some new vegan favourites.

VJFB™ Eastside features a plethora of colourful street art and a chilled-out atmosphere, with a vast array of dishes to suit every taste and occasion. Whether its relaxing among friends and friends with Notorious VJFBites, grabbing burgers at a business lunch, or a tasty takeaway treat, VJFB™ Eastside has something for everybody. Located at Eerste van Swindenstraat 389 near Oosterpark, this site will showcase the full menu and drinks range for the complete VJFB™ experience.

Due to high demand and franchise requests, VJFB™ started franchising in 2022 in partnership with London-based franchise specialists Seeds Consulting. The brand has since grown its estate with stores in Eindhoven, The Netherlands, Barcelona, Spain and Cologne, Germany. Their #vegantakeover certainly shows no signs of slowing down!

About VJFB™

Based on the growing urge to create a place where everyone can enjoy sustainable Vegan Junk Food together, VJFB™ started its #EATFORTHEPLANET mission and opened its first restaurant in 2017 in the monumental part of Amsterdam West. The first restaurant immediately went viral thanks to social media coverage worldwide. Since then, the brand has expanded rapidly in the Netherlands and internationally to become a worldwide sensation known for its innovative and futuristic colourful Vegan Junk Food.

VJFB™ is more than a restaurant. It’s a complete experience. VJFB™ serves innovative instagrammable vegan junk food dishes without compromising on quality, taste, and texture. Think of colourful, characteristically flashy VJFBurgers, Freak Fries and Zeafood to extraordinary mouth-watering signature cocktails. Innovation is in the DNA of VJFB™!

The distinctive interiors are an edgy mix of colourful street art with a touch of chic. Vintage R&B and hip-hop tunes create a unique urban metropolitan relaxed VJFB™ atmosphere and make guests want to come back for more, and more …

About Seeds Consulting

London-based Seeds Consulting is a leading franchise consultancy specialising in national and international business development for food concepts. Founded in 2010 by Matteo Frigeri and David Liveing, the company is the developing force behind international restaurant groups and small to mid-sized companies with strong upcoming brands and an appetite for international growth. 

For further information about Franchising with Seeds Consulting:

The Vegan Junk Food Bar

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Marketing Manager – Seeds Consulting
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