Wafflemeister signs up South London multi-site franchisee

Wafflemeister signs up South London multi-site franchisee
12.01.2017 seeds-consulting

Eric Chemla, an internationally acclaimed vascular surgeon, has signed an area development agreement with Wafflemeister to develop 8 stores in South London.

Comments Chemla: “my wife and I have been working in healthcare for over 20 years and have developed over the years a strong interest in business, honing down our skills by furthering our studies in London Business School and the Open University. For over 3 years now we have been thinking of launching our own business in the F&B industry. When we came across Wafflemeister we immediately knew it would be perfect for us: their experience and processes would help us hit the ground running immediately and our skills developed over the years in people’s management, quality control,processes and governance would make a perfect match to ensure a mutual success and a very fruitful collaboration.

A Great Fit

Alexander Troullier, Founder & CEO of Wafflemeister, comments: “Our UK franchisees come from different backgrounds, some of them are veterans of food franchising operating estates with major brands. Others come from different sectors but share with us not only the passion for our incredible food, but also the understanding that systems, processes and commercially numbers-based decision-making is important. Eric and his wife Pascale fit the bill and we look forward to working with them at a successful long-term partnership”.

Seeds Consulting Director Matteo Frigeri, who engineered the franchise partnership, reveals: “for us it is all about making  the perfect match between franchisor and franchisee and this is a perfect example of a franchisee that shares the same business culture as the franchisor.”

Adds Frigeri: “since the start of the UK Franchise Programme in March 2016, several qualified franchisees like Eric Chemla have joined Wafflemeister, which leads to a strong pipeline of openings for the brand in 2017. Its excellent track-record and experience in training and supporting franchisees makes it an ideal investment for selective business people wishing to partner with a sound franchise proposition”


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