How to cope against the Covid-19 pandemic by a successful delivery project: the Rooster Shack Case Study

How to cope against the Covid-19 pandemic by a successful delivery project: the Rooster Shack Case Study
24.02.2021 seeds-consulting

We had a chat with Imran Mamud, founder and managing director of Rooster Shack, to find out more about how he has coped against the Covid-19 pandemic turning his business into a delivery successful project which has been improving since the country was under lockdown.

How do you see the impact of Covid-19 on your franchise from a commercial and franchisee recruitment perspective? 2020 was definitely a different year for many of us, the impact of Covid-19 on our franchise enquiry front grew, we noticed an increase in applications, this was due to the fact that as a whole takeaways seemed to be doing well during this period and many potential investors saw an opportunity to be part of this growth.

The Rooster Shack’s founder Imran Mamud

How have you adapted your business in light of Covid-19? We were lucky in a way that our business model is quick service and focuses around the takeaway sector, however our stores do have a dine in option. We noticed that more and more of our customers demanded a home delivery service due to the situation so we adapted to this by using social media platforms to promote contactless delivery and offering an all day home delivery service, we also adapted to third party platforms to appeal to a wider audience as we knew that many families and individuals may be self isolating.

Have you used any new tools and methods that will keep using in the future? Yes- we have a fantastic in-house marketing media team who specialise in the food sector. The focus was to promote our food and service on social networks In order that a wider variety of customers would order from us via home delivery.

What has been the most helpful resource or advice during the pandemic and where did it come from? 2020 was very tough for most of us, some more than others. I think my brand has been fortunate that we have been allowed to trade and not only that but to hit sales records. The best advice I was given was to be thankful that we have had the opportunity to operate and grow.

What are your development goals for 2021? I have so many goals that I would run out of space to write but in a nutshell is to ensure that we grow our reach by opening stores in the right locations and to continue to win awards, my aim within 10 years is to be the market leader in this type of quick service food.

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