‘Working with The Avocado Show in Madrid has been a hugely exciting ride’, said Eduardo Guenun of City Food Factory

‘Working with The Avocado Show in Madrid has been a hugely exciting ride’, said Eduardo Guenun of City Food Factory
23.03.2021 seeds-consulting

After one month from the successful The Avocado Show Madrid’s opening we had a chat with Eduardo Guenun of City Food Factory, the franchisee company which has jumped on board for the Spanish and Portuguese development of the most iconic food concept ever invented.

Eduardo Guenun explained to us what was the journey his company did before choosing TAS as a new business opportunity, and how the partnership has been doing so far thank also to the Seeds Consulting which has managed all aspects of the agreement.

What is it like to work with The Avocado Show?
Working with TAS HQ has been a hugely exciting ride; combining our efforts and backgrounds we’ve been able to successfully launch the brand in Spain even during the current context, particularly difficult for the hospitality industry. This process has only made our partnership stronger and built an amazing bond between both teams.

Why did you pick The Avocado Show?
We picked TAS for a number of reasons: its unique gastronomical offer, the fluidity with which TAS navigated social media in spite of being a small footprint company, the fact that it became a brand before it was able to become a chain but most importantly the people leading the brand. We believed in the concept, and its management structure convinced us!

How is it going?
So far so good! Opened about a month in Madrid and have obtained very encouraging results!! Our expectation is to turn a profit already by end of Q1 and are very excited about the outlook of the brand’s growth in our operating markets (Spain and Portugal) as well as in Paris and London.

What do you see in the future?
The future is green! We hope to see at least 8 restaurants in Spain and Portugal combined, but hopefully many more! And for the brand, we are expecting big things: entering new markets, continue to develop menu offering with new dishes, develop online based training materials.. all the things the team in HQ has already in their pipeline!

Below a video about the Madrid opening. Find out more about The Avocado Show clicking here










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